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Embrace Your Summer 2

Braces and Orthodontics

Summer Promotion #grinit2winit

To participate, patients can post a selfie to receive a PopSocket and a chance to win an Amazon gift card! Every office has created a “selfie station” for the purposes of staging a selfie, but the photos can be taken anywhere as long as they are tagged with #grinit2winit and posted to a social media site like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Patients who post while in the office receive an instant gift of a PopSocket (a stylish accessory that adds versatility to cell phones or tablets), while supplies last. After a selfie is posted, patients can win a $10 Amazon gift card.

Everyone notices a great smile and it’s never too late to get one! At Western Dental, we offer several types of braces including traditional and Invisalign® clear braces to help you or your loved one achieve a beautiful and memorable smile.

Braces are orthodontic devices that straighten teeth and correct improper bites. Braces work by gently applying continuous pressure to your teeth over a period of time (typically 6 to 30 months) to gradually move them into their ideal positions.

Invisalign is a method of dental straightening that uses clear plastic trays – no uncomfortable metal wires or clear brackets. You and those around you will hardly notice the clear trays that comfortably fit over your teeth.