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Braces And Orthodontics

Braces and Orthodontics

Braces are orthodontic devices that straighten teeth and correct improper bites. Braces work by gently applying continuous pressure to your teeth over a period of time (typically 6 to 30 months) to gradually move them into their ideal positions.

Would you like to have straighter teeth and a nicer smile without having to wear traditional braces? If so, Invisalign® clear braces may be perfect for you or your teen. Ask one of our Brident Dental Orthodontists to find out which option is best for you.

Everyone notices a great smile and it’s never too late to get one! At Brident Dental, we offer several types of braces including traditional and Invisalign® clear braces to help you or your loved one achieve a beautiful and memorable smile. 

Invisalign is a method of dental straightening that uses clear plastic trays – no uncomfortable metal wires or clear brackets. You and those around you will hardly notice the clear trays that comfortably fit over your teeth.