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DALLAS, TEXAS, November 30, 2022 – Sonrava Health today announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with FCL Dental, a leading independent dental benefits company with proprietary dental benefit plans and provider networks.

Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, FCL Dental operates in 19 states and serves the dental benefit needs of employer groups, unions, government agencies, municipalities, associations and individuals through its preferred provider organization, health maintenance organization and indemnity plan designs.  Its public sector business serves beneficiaries of Medicare, Medicaid and other programs in partnership with major health plans and nursing homes.

“We welcome FCL Dental team members and clients to the Sonrava Health network through this alliance,” said Daniel D. Crowley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sonrava Health. “Highlighting FCL Dental benefit plans and networks will be an increasingly important part of our strategy as we continue to participate more broadly in the healthcare ecosystem throughout the country. Our goal is to supercharge our growing proprietary network of nearly 600 hard wall offices with a wraparound PPO network of high quality, independent doctors, creating a highly attractive integrated oral health network for our clients.”

“Sonrava Health will be an ideal strategic ally as we continue to expand our plan offerings and networks and serve more clients across the country,” said James Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of FCL Dental. “This is a synergistic relationship between two longstanding oral health companies committed to creating access to high quality, affordable care.”


Sonrava Health is a national family of health and wellness companies – including differentiated dental office brands with 582 affiliated offices, dental and vision benefit plans, provider networks, and consumer products and services – focused on quality, value and innovation and built on a platform of unique and efficient technology. For more information, visit www.Sonrava.com.


FCL Dental is one of the largest independent, full-service dental benefits providers. Founded in 1998 to deliver innovative and high-quality dental managed care products to employer groups and individuals, FCL Dental has developed a wide range of dental benefit plans, including health maintenance organization (“HMO”), preferred provider organization (“PPO”) and indemnity plan designs, to provide maximum flexibility to its commercial groups, health plan customers and nursing home facilities. For more information, visit FCLDental.com.