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More than 75% of all Americans suffer from some form of gum disease, a destructive infection that attacks and destroys the gum tissue, supporting connective fibers attaching gums to teeth, and underlying bone supporting the teeth.

Patients diagnosed with gingivitis or periodontitis and undergoing treatment often struggle with home care in between appointments. Insufficient home care can cause their condition to worsen, ultimately causing tooth and bone loss and other related systemic diseases.

Perio Protect is a home-care treatment system for patients with gum disease. Coupled with in-office treatments such as a deep cleaning or the application of antibiotics in problem areas, Perio Protect treatment can help patients manage their gingivitis or periodontitis by actively fighting bacteria buildups and preventing bacteria from spreading.

How Perio Protect Works

Customized trays created to conform to a patient’s mouth are filled with a small amount of Perio Gel each day to deliver medication deep below the gum line, reaching every possible nook and cranny where bacteria hide and multiply. Perio Protect takes just 10-15 minutes a day and treats a broad range of oral health conditions:

  • Prevents and treats gum disease
  • Alleviates swollen, sensitive gums
  • Reduces occurrence of bleeding gums
  • Restores overall oral health

Perio Protect even improves the success rate of dental implants because it helps maintain healthy bone surrounding the implant and prevents periodontal disease from developing. It is completely safe and appropriate for most patients, including pregnant women.

WARNING: Side effects include whiter teeth and fresher breath.

Results are dramatic over time, usually in as little as six months.

The small concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the Perio Gel whitens teeth with every treatment, and the bacteria-reducing benefits help maintain fresh breath throughout the day – two unexpected, but welcome, benefits of Perio Protect.

Perio Protect in-home treatment will help to reduce and control bacteria in the patient’s mouth in between visits and is suitable for use years after initial treatment to help maintain the results achieved in the dental office.

To find out if Perio Protect is right for you, consult your dentist.

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