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National Nutrition Month is a good time to explore how your dietary choices can impact your oral health, particularly if you're wearing braces. Fortunately, many foods that are beneficial for your overall health are also orthodontist approved. Here is a list of foods and drinks from The American Dental Association that promote healthy teeth and gums, that also get the thumbs up from your orthodontist for people wearing braces:

Low-fat cheese: Enjoy a delicious snack of low-fat cheese, which provides essential calcium for strong teeth and bones.

Eggs: Incorporate eggs into your diet for a protein-rich option that supports oral health.

Low-fat/non-fat milk: Choose low-fat or non-fat milk to boost your calcium intake without the added fat.

Plain yogurt: Indulge in plain yogurt, which contains probiotics that can benefit both your gut health and your teeth.

Tofu: Add tofu to your meals for a versatile and protein-packed option that's gentle on braces.

Fluoridated water: Stay hydrated with fluoridated water, which helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities.

By including these ortho-approved foods in your diet, you can support your oral health while navigating life with braces. Don't forget to schedule your next dental appointment to ensure that your teeth and braces remain in top condition!