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The choice is crystal clear

If your smile needs a slight alignment and you’re over the age of 18, ClearArc® orthodontic aligners could be the perfect solution for you!


  • Straightens your entire smile (not just a few front teeth)


  • 40% less expensive than most leading aligner brands

  • Bite-sized monthly payment options


  • Crystal clear, stain resistant, and easily removable

  •  Fewer attachments make them virtually invisible


  • Contoured with silky smooth edges

  • Custom-made for optimal fit


  • Treatment always overseen by your own, personal orthodontist


The ClearArc® Difference

  ClearArc Leading Aligner Brand At Home "DIY" Aligners
Orthodontist Supervised checked
Only trained, personal orthodontists oversee diagnosis & treatment
Full Smile Correction checked
Straightens all your teeth, not just the front few
Affordable checked
Priced 40% less than others with low monthly payments
Fewer Attachments checked
Contoured fit eliminates need for multiple attachments
Accessible checked
Offices throughout TX. Flexible office hours and weekend availability.
Superior Clarity checked
Proprietary ClearWearTM material* is crystal-clear and virtually invisible
High Comfort checked
Silky smooth edges ensure maximum comfort
Stain Resistant checked
Uniquely designed to resist staining & discoloration

* ClearWear™ is a BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic that is manufactured through a proprietary process to provide the ideal clarity and fit. Fit tested by independent, 3rd party lab on static aligners. Supporting data on file at Henry Schein® Orthodontics.

What you should know about ClearArc® invisible aligners

What are ClearArc® aligners?

Like Invisalign®, which was the first aligner brand on the market, ClearArc® is a removable, virtually invisible solution to straighter teeth. ClearArc® treatment entails a series of clear, custom-made trays that gradually move your teeth into alignment. ClearArc® aligners are available exclusively at Brident Dental and priced 40% less than other leading aligner brands.

How do ClearArc® aligners work?

Aligners are clear plastic trays that snap over your teeth. You wear them for 18-20 hours a day, removing them when you eat and when you brush and floss your teeth. Every 2-3 weeks your orthodontist provides you with new set of aligner trays with a slightly different shape. Your teeth gradually move to their new position over the course of 20 to 30 aligners.

What makes ClearArc® aligners different from other aligners on the market?

Unlike some other aligner brands, ClearArc® aligners straighten all your teeth (not just the front few) and treatment is always overseen by your own qualified, trained orthodontist. In addition, the proprietary ClearWear™ material is crystal clear, stain-resistant and custom-made for contoured fit, reducing the need for multiple attachments and making them extremely comfortable and virtually invisible.

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