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Want to save time? Fill out the first-time paperwork before your appointment. Fill out forms

Has it been a while for you? Your dental exam is on us!

Getting your teeth checked is so important, that we'll give you a complete dental check-up for free*, including X-Rays.
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We love Medicaid!

Just show us your Medicaid card when you arrive. Need help enrolling? We can help you apply.

At no charge the orthodontist will see you now!

Free Orthodontic consultations are provided at every Brident location — from certified Orthodontists — for kids and adults. Just call to make an appointment.

Here is what you should bring for your first visit

To start, we need your teeth! Including fake teeth, bridges, retainers and any other dental items you may use. We will also need:

  • Photo ID and insurance cards
  • If you have any recent dental X-Rays within 6 months 
  • All information detailing the history of your medical and dental health 
  • Current medications you are taking
  • A plan to pay for co-pays and any out of pocket costs

Here are the details on how your first visit will go

We will examine every single tooth in your mouth

This includes your gums, tongue and cheeks. Having a healthy mouth will help with having healthy teeth. Your dentist will examine all of the surfaces and structure in your mouth for any cavities, gum disease, infections and other potential health problems.

We’ll clean all around your gums

Your hygienist or dentist will clean below and above your gum line with a dental scraper to remove plaque built-up and tartar. Once all of that is removed, they floss and polish your teeth.

We accept X-Rays as well

The dentist will order a set of X-Rays for your entire mouth if you haven't had one recently. X-Rays can reveal issues in your mouth that the dentist can’t see just by looking around. These things can include chipped teeth, infections, cavities and teeth decay, even life-threatening problems like tumors and oral cancers.

We will talk about your oral health

Your dentist will make sure you know the basic techniques of brushing and flossing and let you know if there are any problems or signs of a cavity or gum disease. If we see a need for specialized care, we’ll tell you why and go through all of your options.

Last, you dentist will make a plan

It's great when you leave the appointment with healthy teeth! We will give you a plan for taking care of your teeth at home and a reminder to return for an appointment in six months. If you need more steps or treatment we will help you plan out what it is you need, including financing from Brident.