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We are pleased to announce that Perfect Teeth is part of the Brident Dental & Orthodontics family. With offices throughout Texas, Las Vegas, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico, we’re dedicated to providing you and your family with the highest quality, most affordable preventative and restorative dental care possible. Our team of compassionate, highly-trained professionals strive to accurately diagnose and discuss all of your dental treatment and financing options. We offer a wide array of general dentistry services including: x-rays, sealants, cleanings, fillings, root canals, partials, crowns, bridges, extractions and dentures.

Patients who love Perfect Teeth can enjoy a broader range of specialty services, appointment times and payment options!

We are proud of our partnership and excited to welcome you to your new Dental Home.

Perfect Teeth office locations

Perfect Teeth Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico locations are now part of Brident Dental & Orthodontics. We appreciate your patience as we work on transitioning our signage inside and outside of our offices. Feel free to stop by and receive a warm welcome, great service, and the high-quality dental care you have always experienced with no interruption to your care.

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