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Sugar gets a bad rap when it comes to cavities, and for good reason. However, sugar isn’t the only food and drink that can cause tooth decay; even healthy foods can lead to tooth damage! Highly acidic foods, including citrus fruits and sugar-free sodas, can erode tooth enamel over time. Additionally, foods that cling to your teeth, such as candy, chips, and bread, provide a breeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria. Even alcohol, which can dry out your mouth and inhibit saliva production, poses a risk to dental health.

Can't always brush your teeth after every meal? Don't stress. Rinsing your mouth with water can help mitigate the damage caused by acidic or sticky foods. This simple practice helps wash away food particles and acids, reducing the risk of tooth decay. Remember, maintaining good oral hygiene and making smart dietary choices are key to preserving your dental health.

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