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As we celebrate National Nutrition Month, let’s explore some superfoods that can do wonders for our teeth! When it comes to strengthening your pearly whites from the inside-out, think about loading up on foods rich in calcium. These are the goodies you should reach for when hunger strikes:

  • Cheese: Munch on some cheese for a tasty calcium boost
  • Chicken: Enjoy some grilled or roasted chicken for a protein-packed meal that's also good for your teeth
  • Plain yogurt: Opt for plain yogurt instead of flavored varieties for a calcium-rich snack
  • Nuts: Snack on nuts like almonds or cashews for a crunchy treat that's also great for your teeth
  • Broccoli: Cook up some broccoli to add a nutritious side dish to your meal
  • Spinach: Whip up a salad with spinach leaves for a delicious and tooth-friendly option

Remember, keeping your teeth healthy goes beyond just brushing and flossing. Choosing foods that support strong teeth is essential. So, make sure to include these calcium-rich options in your diet and don't forget to schedule your next dental appointment for a check-up!